Understanding plays biggest role in creating great bondsπŸ’ž

The ability to understand something; comprehension.πŸ‘

Yes we all want everyone to understand us and same time we should also understand them.

We have to learn to know what has been said, explain, reason etc then only perception, ablity, and connection happens

There is never a wrong and right view…it’s always point of view i.e. different ways of knowing etc

If you really want a wonderful bond, smooth life in, betterment then try and understand others’ point of view with an open mind🌹😊

It is just a simple process listen, ask, check, give a thought and make sure to connect,YOU will surely understand that person

Namaste πŸ’•πŸ€— happiness in understanding!

2 thoughts on “Understanding plays biggest role in creating great bondsπŸ’ž

    The world we see with our senses is very different than the world we see through our essence. Our senses perceive the world of appearance. Our essence perceives the deeper layers of existence. The first step of perceiving the world of essence is to have no goal other than to understand. “Understanding” has to be the ultimate goal. Only then, can we can solve the problem 🌈🌈

    Wow MITA lovely thought πŸ’πŸ’

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