Our Angel

Our love 💕 24 dec 2019

Reminiscing the journey with #Baa❤Kamalaben@ Kamubaa my Nani (maternal grandmother)🙌

The strongest, boldest, kindest and eldest member of our family;
Baa, as we called her always had enough love to share with 5 of her children, 13 grand children (me included), 12 great grand- children and everyone else she came across.

About her : Her impeccable, soothing, vital & effulgent nature was and will always be talked of. She was fastidious but never strident. She gave the best health and beauty tips in town and was always the coolest great-granny. She was a gem of a person.

Things we all would miss : mumbra sev(a gujrathi savory) that she made, gave us a powerful tel malish(hair oil massage) just enough to get over with a heavy day, khandvi, undhiyu, khichyu and so many more delicacies that the facebook word limit for the post might get over.

Things we will carry: her simplicity, her meticulous-ness,
Her strong will power and determination, her forgiving-ness, her spirituality, health tips and life lessons that she gave and the amount of love and positivity she radiated around.

Baa, we are staying #strong just for you. May your new life be the best of what you have deserved for your good karmas. You will be remembered and missed, #Always & #Forever

  • your daughter, grand daughters and great grand daughters,son ,grand sons and great grand sons
    ( love family)

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