The healing Bond !

To all the healers and not healers out there
Have you ever pondered that healers are taken granted the most..?
Its funnily ironic how when healing is wanted we become equal to doctors but are expected more of, due to our friendly approach creating a supportive bond, even deepening in the case of pre existing friendships. However, once the problem is healed, the bond, leave alone the friendships but sometimes becomes as good as that of strangers. You might ask, isn’t that a healer’s profession? Didn’t they choose to help and support us with are problems? You’re absolutely right! They chose to help out, but not at the cost of being taken for granted of, not at the cost of their healing divinities being under-valued, not at the cost of getting no updates in contrast to the heavy time and effort they’ve put in. We may expect just a little interaction due to the input we give in but maybe its for us to understand that not always will we be reciprocated with the same bond and that we might aswell not overdo!

Namaste πŸ’•πŸ€—πŸ’•πŸ€—

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