Reunited with the bag! Hello everyone, back here after a long break. Would love to share an instance from the trip that has reminded us how kind hearted and beautiful people around us are…I have never heard or seen such a thing in my so life so far… Just as our excited family of 9 got down at Surendranagar station after a journey on the #12267 #Hapa #Duranto #train in coach B4 on dated 9-07-2022 from Mumbai Central to #Surendranagar, we proceeded for breakfast and went onward with our road trip to visit our ancestral native place. At about lunch time, brother received a call saying a bag of ours was left in the train. Confidently, we looked around and said it wasn’t ours. There came a second call asking us to check as it was found under one of our seats situated a little away from the rest. We were still sure that we checked when we got down from the train and ignored. After the third call, when the #tc insisted, he sent us a pic and it was #my #bag! Almost 300 kms away from the station, there was no way we could make it back to collect the bag, and if we didn’t then they would send the bag to Delhi and we would get it only after legal proceedings. The bag was found to the #Attendant of the coach who had informed TC Mr. #Sudhir Kumar. Mr Sudhir Kumar took so much trouble to reach us and call us to inform that I have forgotten my bag, despite the several refusals. He then asked us the contents of the bag to verify it was ours. Along with mine and keya’s clothes, were my religious notes and books which read words like “#Sadguru”, “#atma” etc. After Properly checking with me about items and once satisfied (he just specifically wanted to know about a few props we prepared for #gurupurnima), he agreed to bhai’s request to handover the bag to one of his friends, Mr. Rohit staying at Surendranagar. After bhai and Manan’s coordination with Rohit to pick up the bag in the return train at 11 pm, tremendous efforts of TC Mr. Sudhir Kumar, our bag safely reached our #Sayla ashram and we collected it when we arrived there after 2 days. Despite the Two days of managing our festivities with clothes or essentials, we are eternally grateful to each and everyone. Thank you #Duranto team, TC MR SUDHIR, Train Attendant, MR ROHIT, and the Coolie! Also super grateful Kandarp Shah bhai and Manan shah for constant coordination and connection. So grateful to Param pujay #Bhaishree,#REIKI and our families and #IndianRailways ♥️❤️


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