Back to school 🎒🏫📙🖊️

Rushy mornings, half sleepy half stressed, everything just hits that morning after the relaxing two month long summer break.

Not just for your lil ones, but you too. Nervous about the new year, new term and new groups? The one stop solution to calm yourself, get rid of your worries and anxiety and be fresh every next morning is #Reiki.

And not just for you, this best friend does wonders to your cute bundles of joy too, by helping them be calm, focus on studies and avoid stress

Heal and learn Reiki to take your life to a whole new dimension of positivity, calmness and progress with Reiki

Anyone ages 9 and above can learn Reiki #relaxingreikibymita

Teachers,friends, learning , uniform, disciplines, morning prayers ,bells,lunch break ,classroom , library,bus,lines ,sports ,tiffin,books,blackboard,fun keep the exictment kids ! All the best ❤️

Good luck and GET SET GO for new learning ♥️🤩😍🤗😍🤗😍🤗😍🤗

🧡🤍💙💚Love for our Mother India 🧡🤍💙💚

Its been 75 years since our country attained freedom!
Remembering all the brave hearts who helped us have this freedom,
Who sacrificed their own life for the being of mother India and also expressing gratitude to India’s brave hearts, the medical professionals helping India sail through the pandemic, to our pride, all the Olympics and other sports stars who are continuously bringing glory to our country and last but not the least, all the people of this beautiful country who make it beautiful just by their existence.
Happy Independence Day 2021!!

Jai Hind🙏🧡🧡🙏🤍🤍🙏💚💚

🌈Rainbow healing

Healing is the most miraculous mechanism in our bodies. The moment you have an injury, your body starts the healing process even with you knowing about it. You also need to allow this healing to happen else it might not heal.

Colours makes mood and helps to feel good .

If you are hurt by someone’s sharp action or words, you need to remove it from your heart and body. The only way you can do this is by forgiving because when you forgive, you fill your heart with love and kindness. So let go of the grudge, those negative emotions or anything negative you are carrying in your heart and allow your heart to heal, allow your heart to fill with love and kindness and allow yourself to heal.


Hope you enjoyed reading our post and chakra frames ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤍

I’m Helping me

Negative thinking, hopelessness, frustration, anxiety, disbelief and all negative emotions :
Avoid these at any cost as These will stop all the results.
When we are in problem, negative thinking, hopelessness are inevitable, But just surrender to the power of reiki and positive affirmations And see the magical results!

By thanking the mentor, Guru ,God, having gratitude and respect for them, faith and trust, You are going to multiply the intensity of results and manifestation

Energy exchange – In my sessions, I have my energy exchanges and those who have taken free healings, have to follow the note below.
It is an important aspect, If you are not getting results for simplest of the wishes also..Then donate a little money in the name of the Reiki to few needy people…
You can donate a little money, help someone, be for someone by any means or can do to any generous help to a charitable organization…
This works wonders to get results as by doing this you are doing an act of kindness for someone and it will ensure that someone’s act of kindness will definitely work for you as the chain of paying forward continues.

Self help by spreading positivity within and around


There is a reason why you should be hopeful every moment. This moment can be the moment you are waiting for and the vibrations starts working in that direction.

Being hopeful in life means that you believe that something good is coming your way and you are soon going to see a new beginning in life. In the anticipation of the new beginning, it becomes easier to overcome the hardship of life.

Let’s be honest we’ve all experienced the different emotions from time and time, and that’s ok… there’s NOTHING wrong with feeling these emotions. The challenges arise when we allow those thoughts and feelings to spiral out of control, react emotionally and lash out at others.

Gratitude is the right Attitude

Subconscious mind understands our emotions and vibrates accordingly. In Reiki, *we understand that different emotion has different vibration.*
Eg ♥️❤️🌹💜♥️❤️you are happy and joyous, you have feeling of freedom as you already achieved it and you love and appreciate the same. So, that helps you to vibrate at the highest.

Thank you all readers for lovely comments. ♥️❤️♥️❤️🤗♥️♥️♥️♥️

Generate Good thoughts !

Success never depends on the #siZe of our #brain, and #money !
It always depends on the size of your #thoughts
Good thoughts generates good energy and that leads to good human being .
Good morning✨
stay bless and sunrise+ shine in someone life 🤗💞

Perhaps time to start a ” TO BE ” list & to put aside the ” TO DO ” list – just for a moment…..We all spend so much time DOING, instead of BEING don’t we ?
Like things i want To Be:
Awesome 😊😊
Think and create Good thoughts !