Unfiltered, unedited and an unparalleled moment, to catch the powering energy of the sun and it’s aura during sunset.

Pixels fall short to capture this beauty and words fall short to describe the amazement at this gaze.

When picture is so catching, can’t explain the eye lens seeing the beauty and a wow worthy sky…such a divine sunset

Reiki helps in exams

Sharing a recent sucessful story

Her success ( congrats)


#kids ,youth and students need to learn reiki it’s helps on mind body and soul and keeps the emotions with flow .reiki is pure and positive vibrations.

Reunited with the bag! Hello everyone, back here after a long break. Would love to share an instance from the trip that has reminded us how kind hearted and beautiful people around us are…I have never heard or seen such a thing in my so life so far… Just as our excited family of 9 got down at Surendranagar station after a journey on the #12267 #Hapa #Duranto #train in coach B4 on dated 9-07-2022 from Mumbai Central to #Surendranagar, we proceeded for breakfast and went onward with our road trip to visit our ancestral native place. At about lunch time, brother received a call saying a bag of ours was left in the train. Confidently, we looked around and said it wasn’t ours. There came a second call asking us to check as it was found under one of our seats situated a little away from the rest. We were still sure that we checked when we got down from the train and ignored. After the third call, when the #tc insisted, he sent us a pic and it was #my #bag! Almost 300 kms away from the station, there was no way we could make it back to collect the bag, and if we didn’t then they would send the bag to Delhi and we would get it only after legal proceedings. The bag was found to the #Attendant of the coach who had informed TC Mr. #Sudhir Kumar. Mr Sudhir Kumar took so much trouble to reach us and call us to inform that I have forgotten my bag, despite the several refusals. He then asked us the contents of the bag to verify it was ours. Along with mine and keya’s clothes, were my religious notes and books which read words like “#Sadguru”, “#atma” etc. After Properly checking with me about items and once satisfied (he just specifically wanted to know about a few props we prepared for #gurupurnima), he agreed to bhai’s request to handover the bag to one of his friends, Mr. Rohit staying at Surendranagar. After bhai and Manan’s coordination with Rohit to pick up the bag in the return train at 11 pm, tremendous efforts of TC Mr. Sudhir Kumar, our bag safely reached our #Sayla ashram and we collected it when we arrived there after 2 days. Despite the Two days of managing our festivities with clothes or essentials, we are eternally grateful to each and everyone. Thank you #Duranto team, TC MR SUDHIR, Train Attendant, MR ROHIT, and the Coolie! Also super grateful Kandarp Shah bhai and Manan shah for constant coordination and connection. So grateful to Param pujay #Bhaishree,#REIKI and our families and #IndianRailways ♥️❤️

Transformation with REIKI

When we do daily reiki ,slowly n steady we find a difference in our thoughts and see life in a beautiful way ♥️

A beautiful client ,who finds a difference before reiki and after reiki healing sessions

Mrs kothari books in for a treatment whenever she feels the need, or her body indicates that a session is required. She loves it and vows by its healing abilities. She has been referring many people to me as well, which is a lovely indicator of her belief and faith. As a practitioner, to see such results, and to see the profound difference in a person – is rewarding and liberating.

Reiki is a gentle and yet powerful tool to help the body to help itself. I hope you find this case study useful in understanding Reiki just that little bit

Learn reiki ,if not aleast carry our colour qualites always with you .( Colour qualites in the pic )

Be kind ,smile always ,stay relax,help as many you can ,enjoy being around good energy ,prayers daily and feel peace with gratitude 💜❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤍

Twinning with beautiful daughter

It’s mother’s day 2022.

I feel special being mother is Bec of my beautiful daughter ❣️ they make us feel special ,they bond ,they become our best friend,we grow ,we learn,we share ,we smile and we support in every stage of living ! So bless 💘.Those who are bussy in life due to any reason may sure to value family bond ! Gratitude to them 💘🌹💘🌹🌹🌹💘🌹💘🌹💘 my mom has given the best to me and I will carry forward giving best to my daughter.

Special day allow us to be more grounded and centered when we begin the journey of happiness and bond 💞💞💞💞

After reading our post ,think of your mom and say I LOVE YOU 🌹💗💗🌹💗🌹💗🌹💗💗💗🌹


Whats the worst programming your mind can have? PROCRASTINATION

Why do you procrastinate?

  • low levels of energy
  • Laziness not treated in time
  • Overconfidence
  • Few successful tasks done last minute
  • Too many distractions
    How to overcome this?
  • change your place to change energy instantly
  • Revisit the purpose of the task you’re procrastinating; whether its a presentation you have to make, a drawer you have to clean, a workout you have to manage time for or a homework you have to complete
  • Its a natural human tendency to be most pro active under stressful/ last minute situations: try to create an atmosphere where you set your deadlines ahead of your time. For example, if the deadline for you presentation is in 3 days, think of it as a 2 day deadline and keep thinking of your deadline in 2 days instead of 3. This way you’re programming your mind to give you the last minute stress and finish earlier while you will still have time before the actual deadline and will feel relaxed after your work is done instead of a delayed and panicked process
  • Reiki helps to switch mind to good energy and back to your commitments.
  • Relax take deep breaths and give priority check ☺️ you will surely win over in programming your MIND!


Time management!

Many of us complain, wish I could do this, that or DON’T HAVE TIME !

May be, let’s wait for the right time?Do you think right time will come? When will I do ? Just let me finish with this, then I will do etc so many questions that are nothing but self-doubt and procrastinatory

Why not plan instead? let us choose to utilize our time to the meaningful or let it go waste. Once we realize the value of time know that there is a valuable learning in each moment and worth doing this way we could fruitfully use every moment to create and build the life which will help them to grow. When time is utilised efficiently, there is more you can fit in that time and you find that things get done much more quickly. You will more time for yourself, things you want to do and even for your loved ones. Your relationships also improve because having more time means you are more relaxed and calm with everyone around you.

Things shall be fine

Everywhere positivity, uplifting, spritutal ,creativity and talent’s are seen.
Gratitude to all for being with each other in best way.

Times like these are not only challenging to cope with, but they do take a toll on our mental health. What is important is that you learn how to heal through these times and come out stronger.

Reiki plays imp role in calming relaxing and moving ahead in reality with peace

Keep praying ,believing in cosmic energy♥️😊
This shall pass soon.


Happy daughter’s day 🌺

What is daughter ? Why are they so special ,being a daughter and having a daughter is the best feeling and great bond

Daughters are the best thing that can happen to a couple. They bring along a lot of vibrancy ,and discipline to family . They are caring, observing and joy of hope ,happiness and love . Even when they become achievers and go to distant places, they will make sure that they make you feel special by their little acts of kindness and love.

Here’s wishing the most empowering, pioneering, high spirited, fitness enthusiastic ,a very happiest day and the best of years ahead. We look upto you for your warmth and kindness, your optimistic approach and your wholesome gestures. Thank you for being a great daughter and encouraging us to work hand in hand at every step of this journey!

Many are delights throughout everyday life. I’m honored with many. In any case, most I’m thankful for is to have a sweetheart daughter actually like you. Wish you a very happy and joyful Daughters’ Day, darling!

Emotions are energies in motion. Some of them can energize and inspire you and some of them can weaken and debilitate, you create happy and best bond and do wonders is the best wishes to all daughters in entire world. ….❤️💕🌺💞🌺💞🌺💞😊💞😊💞😂😊