Alarm of happiness!

Each one has a different definition of happiness ❤️

Some can find in seeing some one, some can find in material world, some can find in passion, some can find in food, some can find in travel etc.

We can’t make everyone happy all the time as efforts , experience, expectations varies from one indidudal to each other.

Symptoms Of happiness

1) Ever smiling 😉♥️

2) Overwhelming series Of Appreciation for others 🥰💫

3) Loss Of Interest In Judging Other People In Their Actions🤫🤐

4) ongoing helping nature 👍🏻

5) Tendency To Act Based On Hope Rather Than On Fear🌷

6) Ability To Enjoy Each Moment , rather staying in present 🕰️💌🕧

7) Susceptibility To Give & Receive Love❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤍

8) Sharing Whatever Little You Have To People With Less In Life.👩‍🦼🌸

9) exicted to learn🖌️🖍️🎖️🥇🎻🎧

10) satisfying life 💫🌟⭐🌈

11) secure and simple 🌹

Namaste 💕 let the bell ring in you daily .

A Great form of Mental relaxation: Art🎨🖌️🎨🖍️🃏

There is no age to learn any wonderful art
let it be drawing, crafting, mandala, resin art, doodling, dot painting or minimalist art, zen etc

While doing such artworks, you actually focus and feel good energy, you forget all your worries and stay in present, you enjoy the process, you want the outcome to be in best way.
this is also a type of meditation!
which will relax you, calm you and Energize you🏵️🌺🌷💫✨🌌

Resin art!

sharing few pictures of beautiful art form which we learned and did recently!
Hope you love and gain mental peace and radiate with and about Positive energy.

Happy weekend and lot of peace within .

Friendship 💘

These are My views, would love to hear from you all too !

Different people have different connections and recollections with differnet people in life
Mine is the childhood at school where we meet friends, had good company and at some point, the connection is over. As years passed, the content of the friendship may have been forgotten with family/financial responsibilities but the lessons aren’t forgotten.
As I look back, I may not have been good at keeping memories or names of each friend but some people do make a place in your heart of being upfront about their personality, actions & their thoughts have really been helpful to me.

nowadays people have become very sensitive to friendship as when needed they remember,
some are so true and loyal they may not be in contact but you are always in their prayers,
some genuinely keep a check on you and how are things,
some are just with present ☺️ enjoy meeting you and let the distance stay.

I sleep peacefully at night because I don’t hold back my opinion and views. And Sometimes I lose friendships but then If I have to choose between being a ‘nice to everyone’ person vs. being ‘Truthful to everyone’; I always chose the later. I always choose to “not lose my sleep”. It is never easy to give out your views. Sugar is meant to be used for mixing with food and not for coating your opinion or views.

What kind of a friend or a parent or family member will I be, if I can’t even share my thoughts without worrying about consequences.

Friendships of the good: are based on mutual respect and admiration.
It could be the friendships with our partners, family members, co-workers and the people we have known for a few years now or since we were kids.

Be genuine 🙂

Namaste 💕 Gratitude and keep moving in best way ❤️

Tackle the problems !

Who doesn’t have problems
Physical, mental, emotional, hormonal imbalance etc.

The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young and live in present . Let us know the happiness time brings, not count the years. The secret of a genius is to carry the spirit of the child into old age, which means never losing your hope.

Start thinking light love and freshness within self.wake every morning as it’s special day ,smile ,gratitude you are alive and promise self to be kind ,and faithful .
Your mind with Reiki will make you feel happy and energetic.

Majority it’s all the MIND’s Game, once you learn how to control, switch, turn, change, be stress free, YOU will win in all fields.

⭕🎲Mind game❌

A simple practice to bring yourself back into remembrance of your and throughout your mind

Namaste 💕🤗

Daughter’s special🥰😊

Daughter special is everyday ,but a special gratitude for today 💛

It’s a proud feeling to be a daughter and have a daughter.
she makes my life, my pride, my energy! once we become a mother our life is just around them
to give best comforts, best time, best qualites to grow in this beautiful world with love
many are blessed and many still wishes

Reiki has helped from the jounery to become a mother and continued
I call my daughter a reiki baby
she herself is also a reiki healer
so many mircales have happened and Reiki has brought happiness from start and still continues to!
Thank you to both reiki and my daughter for brighning my world;🗺️🌐

Blessed 😇

Daughter is an energy where you grow again
enjoy Your childhood, learn and have great bond;
daughters may not be more comfortable with moms but are the whole of the father’s ❤️

Would love to hear from your end ,your bond ,your love and your experience.

Do share in comments ,stay bless and keep the bond strong always.💛🤰🤱🌐👩‍🦳👱


Charismatic Change!🌟

I am changing
But not in the way you’d expect,
I m changing how I see myself
I m changing how I motivate to myself
I m changing what and who I’ll allow to affect my life

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”

But most of all, I m no longer changing for others, the pressure of the society or to fit in the crowd and be anything but myself.
I m creating a transformation in my own self care with help of my Guidance Guru and Reiki,
change is always with us
let it be Life
let it be food
let it be looks etc
these all are outer physical change which comes naturally

Change is inevitable and quite often it’s difficult to accept and be accepted by all but

it’s ok as long as change is for good,
change to live your,
change to laugh and smile on what you want♥️😉☺️💕💫😉

Change to love yourself first
Change for ur own happiness
change to grow self
change to uplift in best way

so remember

C =) never constant✨
H =) honest👍🏻
A =) allow🌟
N =) new🧭
G =) glorious💕
E =) energetic💫

Believe in great change ☺️

Namaste ♥️

Go with the flow : part 2✨👍🏻

Go with the flow part 2
good energy comes from a few of following ways

Having a self realized Guru in your life is must ,If you have great ,still finding good luck to uplift you soon till then try below some Tips ⏬

good thoughts (where you feel good)
good sleep (sound sleep)
good healthy food (that keep you active)
good reading (makes you ponder)
good atmosphere (sunlight, clean)
good affirmations (positive words)
good rest (relax, cooling)
good stories, posts to uplift (that bring smile or energy to change for good)

Good exercise and Reiki makes wonders.It promotes mind management .💕✨💕✨💕💕✨💕✨💕✨💕✨💕

I am pretty sure that from above , if you have aleast 3 of them (you will be in good energy and ready to go on the flow)

Stay blessed 😘♥️

whatever comes up, You will go sail through it gracefully and practically handle it.
when you are in an energy of this kind, relax and calm
you attract others too!
so make your energy beautiful and spread it througout the day.

Namaste 💕

Hope Enjoy reading and agree to keep the Good energy Going ☺️❤️☺️💞

GO with the Flow! âœ¨ðŸ‘ðŸ»âœ¨

Hope all of you readers are doing fine and wonderful.

You may have had a vision for 2020 to be different and unique and high dreams for many
but the universe has had something for entire world to take a pause, relax and connect with self and go easy
some enjoyed, some bored, some lost, some panicked, some worried, some feared, some out of control etc.


we all have ups and downs
but many things are beyond our control or not as per our planning.
so where is the future plan? where is the past learning ?
here comes the most energetic phrase:
Go with the flow
YOU have to act , behave ,move on with the current flow and calm yourself
if you can handle the present moment, you will handle the future in best way.

Just take a deep breath, relax, keep faith and GO on…

Did you smile today ?

Gratitude and Be grateful for life.

Stay blessed and calm is the key to any stress

Namaste 💕 🤗hugs and heal with good Energy .

  • how to KEEP good energy
  • with more tips in our next post

Once learned Reiki it becomes your best friend!

Reiki is not a religion; it is a way of life. It helps us understand our needs and wants, and develops a compassion outlook towards the world and ourselves.

Instead of giving its own point of view, Reiki helps us discover our own point of view.

It just asks to have faith and trust onbourselves and our life become much meaningful and help us to understand the finer nuances which happen for our good

I strongly believe in her words 💕✨

More healing ,more reiki,more prayers ,more gratitude ,more faith to all of us…♥️🤝♥️🤝♥️

Reiki is a way of life. The precepts help us to remain on track. Recite them each morning.

Namaste 💕 Gratitude 💕love and light✨🌟

This or that (confusion)!

Many says or think I keep writing or posting or updating ,sharing or advertising on #reiki or reikibracelets etc.

Yes (strongly) I agree to above statement and PROUD of it.❤😍

Because if a single #soul is #benefited,#smiled,#positive #happy AND #Relax ,calmed,painfree by Reiki or # reikibracelets my aim and goal is achieved for that DAY.❤😍


Many times at some point we all get confused , but prolonged periods of confusion can cause us to feel that we are stuck in a never-ending, foggy web of uncertainty.

Confusion can make us feel powerless, anxious, stressed and a whole host of other draining emotions.

Try wearing #reikibracelets you do get some relief and take decision on your problems easily.