December motivation!

Good morning to all…

Sansar ( worldly life) itself is firstly and foremostly UNCERTAIN

Spirituality will help us go stronger, accept the situation gracefully and faith on DevGuru and Bhagwan will keep is moving ahead with flow!

Everyone has ups and downs!
Plans go here and there as karma and hard time comes in
Best solution is to always keep option 2 ( be prepared incase the time comes).
Be of great support to family
No blame games.
And don’t worry because It’s said that nothing is constant!

Reiki works so well in all these situations
When mind is calm, it’s facilitates movevement in the right direction and get solution with blessings.

Learn the art of natural healing♥️
A foggy night
Brightful sunrise

Remember after every foggy night there is a bright sunrise morning.

This too shall pass it will always be a learning process or test period and YOU will surely come out with flying colors

Add more affirmations to your life, let the fear die and confidence increase in YOU.
Drink more water ,breath fresh air and use some natural healing as jaap/chants and pure energy .♥️❤️

Diwali special 2020 🌟💕💛♥️🌟

A beautiful festival time, celebrations of 6 days with each day having its own wonderful stories and prayers to do, withe the new year comes new energy, new aura, new cloths, new space and new memories to make

We would like to wishes all our viewers & followers a very Peaceful and prosperous Happy Diwali!!

As Diwali is full of sweets and savories and lot and lots of hugs ,💕🌟🥳sharing few pics for y’all to join us in happiness and smiles and hugs for all.

Bright up ..light up …cheer up….stand up…things will be fine

Daughter’s special🥰😊

Daughter special is everyday ,but a special gratitude for today 💛

It’s a proud feeling to be a daughter and have a daughter.
she makes my life, my pride, my energy! once we become a mother our life is just around them
to give best comforts, best time, best qualites to grow in this beautiful world with love
many are blessed and many still wishes

Reiki has helped from the jounery to become a mother and continued
I call my daughter a reiki baby
she herself is also a reiki healer
so many mircales have happened and Reiki has brought happiness from start and still continues to!
Thank you to both reiki and my daughter for brighning my world;🗺️🌐

Blessed 😇

Daughter is an energy where you grow again
enjoy Your childhood, learn and have great bond;
daughters may not be more comfortable with moms but are the whole of the father’s ❤️

Would love to hear from your end ,your bond ,your love and your experience.

Do share in comments ,stay bless and keep the bond strong always.💛🤰🤱🌐👩‍🦳👱