December vibes !

The quieter you become the more you can hear.
In character, in manner, in style, in all things the supreme excellence is simplicity .

When low, stressed, insecure
Go look at the open sky;
Release unwanted energy;
And breathe in pure energy.


Enjoy life in staying present moment

Namaste ♥️♥️💕 🌟 just rejuvenate in pure energy.

Too judgemental is not needed!!!

Majortiy of us have a habit to scan anyone by their voice, words, behaviour and reactions and pass or tag the the person, how they are and easily pass judgements on them.🤔

All the time, just being judgemental about others can make our insecurities and self-esteem even worse. It can get to the point where you’re making so many judgments that it’s hard to feel gratitude, which is when the judgments become extremely harmful for your own happiness and well-being.

stop Judging, start focusing on self and self growth.
its so normal we love judging others and hate others judgements about us.
Those who constantly believe in proving right and wrong, dont have happy energy and stay in stress and complain.

 •  you’re critiquing other by others opinions is not right ! you will also critique yourself, often even more harshly.

Accepting and appreciating the good in others, whether it’s in their actions, appearance, relationships, etc., will help you accept and appreciate the good in you.

Our Way Of Thinking Needs

We need to overhaul our THOUGHTS MAKING MACHINERY so that its output becomes too affectionate and positivity enriched.Finding faults with others damages our innerself and thus results in dirty outcome. Doing Meditation and listening to Sadhguru our Thoughts ,Making Machine installed in our brain.
DO good, Think Good AND Get Good.

Namaste 💕 stay bless ,be kind 😊

Get set go with 3Gs from today!

After receiving a lot of appreciation on previous posts, 3Rs and 3Ls today, we have got for you 3Gs! They are:

Grateful, Generous, Graceful

Some are inspiring me,
some motivating me’
Some encouraging me,
Some teaching me……

Carring 3G in life ,you will never go wrong, you will never fear, you will never be hurt, you will never complain

Life itself is a blessing ❤️ change is constant, to grow upward, uplift, value is the key to your own happiness

Starting your day by expressing gratitude to the 3 Gs which are God ,Guru, & Great parents, then moving further, being generous to any and all living beings whom you may meet as your day progresses and lastly, being graceful in whatever you do, doing your work following your principals and being kind to everyone is what will make you graceful

Be grateful and generous & let your aura be graceful!

Have a nice day and do share your experience living with the 3Gs in the comments!

Namaste & Happy Thursday ✨✨

Me & Mine Mental 🔋health special💚 10/10/2020

It’s the Mind that makes you happy or sad

The MIND is so powerful it can take you to achieve your dreams & goals

We all go through up and down,
Stress in and out,
Worries here and there,
Problems high and low,

It is so flexible it can turn the way you plan to think, and hence, we call also say that it is unstable and to make it still and relaxed, reiki is the best formula to use! Since, Mind is what the light of hope, energy, motivation work on. Taming it with positive energy, affirmations and Reiki is all it takes to stabilize your mind and turn it towards the positive trail of thoughts!

Today signifying mental health day🌱🌄🌿

Make the most out of your days, months and years, calm your mind first and then take it to ride in the direction you really want to go and notice all your work being done swiftly and and goals being achieved!

Appreciation and gratitude are the two most powerful tools to create happiness and that too from within….

Reactions are impulsive and corrosive, responses are well thought of and creative.

Lets chose to response and evolve together..
Love and light

There is a Buddhist mantra: gate, gate, paragate – swaha, ”Gone, gone, absolutely gone; let it go to the fire.” The past is gone, the future has not come yet. Why worry about it? When it comes, we will see. You will be there to encounter it, so why worry about it? The gone Is gone, the not-come has not come yet. Only this moment is left, pure, intense with energy. Live it! If it is silence, be grateful. If it is blissful, thank God, trust it. And if you can trust, it will grow. If you distrust, you have already poisoned it.

💚 Happy weekend 💚