Helping hand ❀️


deal emotional issues with reiki

Emotional stress is linked to health problems including chronic inflammation, lowered immune function, increased blood pressure, altered brain chemistry, increased tumor growth and more.
REIKI works on all 4 levels.TRY & reduce your inner pain.
Faith and HOPE works well when YOU are ready to HEAL yourself.


Namaste πŸ’•β™₯️

Cats and Reiki

Spending time with cats and kittens gives a big smile and energises us to be happy

It’s was a give and take relations, cuddling and playing with them was a fun time, happy time and giving back reiki to them was a calmness and relaxed feeling in them.

Cat cafe
Relaxing with reiki

Spending time with them was a great experience, we can understand each other vibes ,They can feel when you are upset and they want to comfort you. They are very emotional animals that love to be held and cuddled with. They are so many reasons why cats are cool.

They are moody ☺️ but when our intention and inner love is strong they are happy with us .play with us .

Namaste β™₯️β™₯️ spread love

Happy 2021


Wishing you and your loved ones a New Year that is filled with hope, beautiful dreams, powerful goals, beautiful life, excellent health, financial prosperity and abundance, happiness, love, wisdom, serenity, positive mindset and a memorable new year.

Receiving freshness and morning bliss from sea waves, plants and flowers and giving back the most natural love and light, Reiki!

Spread smile and happiness.

Improve confidence!

Reiki lets you take your confident Steps to success:
Which ladder / staircase does not let you have obstacles? Tiredness, fear of falling down, laziness, fright of the outcome are all the obstacles; but it is your wish & determination to fight them straight and reach on the top floor.

If you you add Reiki as a topping,
It could help you top the top floor faster with confidence.

Tip : The good you find in others is a reflection of the good that is in yourself
Best way see good in others n destroy bad in own self!!!!

Happy weekend πŸ‘πŸ‘Œβ€πŸ‘β­

Confidence and move on

Namaste πŸ’•

Bonding with your blessing πŸ’“

We need strength when we are doing the possible & we need faith when we are doing the impossible..

Nobody understands the reason..
Why we all meet in this life’s journey..
We may not be related by blood..
We may not know each
other from the start..
But God puts us together to be wonderful RELATIONS by heart.. ☺
🌺 Hands for each other. 🌺

Bonding, caring, loving is what the infant and oldage needs.

Grandparents provide their grandkids with love, have their best interests at heart, and can make them feel safe and secure .

Bond with πŸ’• love

Grandparents also encourage a child’s healthy development.

”SPEAK in such a way that other love to LISTEN to you”
”LISTEN in such a way that other love to SPEAK to you”.

Namaste β™₯️β™₯️ Merry Christmas πŸŽ„

Our Angel

Our love πŸ’• 24 dec 2019

Reminiscing the journey with #Baa❀Kamalaben@ Kamubaa my Nani (maternal grandmother)πŸ™Œ

The strongest, boldest, kindest and eldest member of our family;
Baa, as we called her always had enough love to share with 5 of her children, 13 grand children (me included), 12 great grand- children and everyone else she came across.

About her : Her impeccable, soothing, vital & effulgent nature was and will always be talked of. She was fastidious but never strident. She gave the best health and beauty tips in town and was always the coolest great-granny. She was a gem of a person.

Things we all would miss : mumbra sev(a gujrathi savory) that she made, gave us a powerful tel malish(hair oil massage) just enough to get over with a heavy day, khandvi, undhiyu, khichyu and so many more delicacies that the facebook word limit for the post might get over.

Things we will carry: her simplicity, her meticulous-ness,
Her strong will power and determination, her forgiving-ness, her spirituality, health tips and life lessons that she gave and the amount of love and positivity she radiated around.

Baa, we are staying #strong just for you. May your new life be the best of what you have deserved for your good karmas. You will be remembered and missed, #Always & #Forever

  • your daughter, grand daughters and great grand daughters,son ,grand sons and great grand sons
    ( love family)

Resolving for a safe TFH

They are super powers for us, to be in any one’s heart, to work with anyone, to help anyone, to create a bond you do need …TFH
Yes, trust faith and honesty.

It’s always easy to judge anyone, fool someone but don’t forget the karmic accounts we have with ourself.

Non of us are 100% perfect but each one of us can be pure, respectful and graceful with any soul we meet in this beautiful life.❀️

It’s the inner πŸ’–energy which makes you grow and feel good and when we create goodness with words actions and behaviour.

Giving preachings to others is easiest but to follow ourself is the biggest challenge. Your double standards are not just with others you meet, they’re with your own self and if at all you’re okay with deceiving yourself, then well, it’s not something you can do to the best of your abilities

Shine and grow happy 🌹

Come out with resolutions before stepping in 2021 to be just the way you are, one personality, one nature and one pure soul.

December thoughts

Raise yourself by thoughts, words, behaviour, actions with Reiki. #RisingReiki

reikiwonders #blissfulreiki


Keep moving in optimistic way β™₯️

Namaste πŸ’•πŸ’•.

Have the quality of a flower; that is, to radiate freshness and cheer to anyone whose sight falls on the bright subtle flower!πŸ’—πŸ’
Believe in self and connect to self .

December motivation!

Good morning to all…

Sansar ( worldly life) itself is firstly and foremostly UNCERTAIN

Spirituality will help us go stronger, accept the situation gracefully and faith on DevGuru and Bhagwan will keep is moving ahead with flow!

Everyone has ups and downs!
Plans go here and there as karma and hard time comes in
Best solution is to always keep option 2 ( be prepared incase the time comes).
Be of great support to family
No blame games.
And don’t worry because It’s said that nothing is constant!

Reiki works so well in all these situations
When mind is calm, it’s facilitates movevement in the right direction and get solution with blessings.

Learn the art of natural healingβ™₯️
A foggy night
Brightful sunrise

Remember after every foggy night there is a bright sunrise morning.

This too shall pass it will always be a learning process or test period and YOU will surely come out with flying colors

Add more affirmations to your life, let the fear die and confidence increase in YOU.
Drink more water ,breath fresh air and use some natural healing as jaap/chants and pure energy .β™₯️❀️